Electrical winches
Electrical winches
Electrical winches

Electrical winches

Crane Engineering is specialized in engineering and manufacturing of lifting winches and pulling electrical winches suitable for industrial and civil sectors.

Lifting winches

Electrical lifting winches are normally used for heavy duty.
Generally, they are composed by the following components:
- Support frame
- Electrical motor
- Electro-hydraulic shoe or disk brakes
- Gear reducers
- Cable reel drum
- Wire rope
- Hook block
- Load limiter

Electrical lifting winches can be fixed or installed onto trolleys sliding along specific runways
Electrical winch can be supplied with following load gripping equipment suitable for any kind of handling purpose:
- Turning hook blocks
- Lifting bars
- Clamps
- Magnets
- Crabs
- Buckets
- etc.

The lifting winch can have the following optional:
- Electronic anti sway system
- Mechanical anti sway system with cross wire ropes
- Anti sway system with telescopic structure
- Electronic weighing system
- Explosion proof type

Pulling whinches

Pulling electrical winches are used for civil works, industrial and naval purposes needed to tow the loads onto horizontal or inclined floors, in the event other handling means are not permetted.

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